Thursday, 29 December 2011

Seeing Out the Angel

What a superb year it has been. For me, that is. Generally it's been a vicious, murderous, unrepentant year of horror, death and deprivation... but that's most years isn't it? I'm not proud to be part of the human race and rarely invite them round to dinner (thanks Doug).

Fuck knows what 2012 will bring, beyond this coming Saturday night I have no firm plans whatsoever... something will turn up, it usually does, and it usually costs money.

Christmas has been quiet, as I prefer it. Having spent most of 2011 in a state of chemically-induced anaesthesia I thought, why stop now? So I've spent the last few days steadily numbing myself. A blinding night out on 17th with most of the usual suspects and much silliness and falling down was my socialising swansong of the year, this is hibernation time now. I have a 'plan' for next year's blogging but probably won't stick to it so I don't even know why I'm writing this... Ooh, very self-defeating!

For reasons I myself find difficult to explain, I have listened to the following piece of music every new year's eve since 1985, usually just after midnight. Nine and a half minutes of sublime genius. Enjoy.

And have Happy Future Days! There will be much more Sketchiness in 2012, stay tuned...



  1. Thrilled to have my little 'mostly musical' blog, unsheep, on your roll call to the right, and have added you to the blog I punish.. uh.. publish with my good chum, Cousin Silas, named Taking Tea At The Large Hadron Collider at (if you'll forgive this grossly unwarranted plug, matron). Hope your 2012 is mostly full of magnificent titilation, and may I say what a lovely profile pic that is. I shall enlarge it and pin it to my bedroom wall immediately.

  2. Cheers Ade, only the best blogs get a link here! Hadron Collider is already there too! Have a good one.