Thursday, 12 January 2012

20 BLOODY 12

In the past 12 days the following things have happened in my little world :

Most of the fences around my garden blew down
The dog's developed an unknown illness
The car's developed a nasty grating noise when I turn the steering wheel
My DVD player has ceased to function (hardly world-stopping I guess)
I've caught a pernicious virus which has infected me now for 8 days and shows no sign of giving up

I don't have the cash to deal with the fences (at least 10 panels need replacing), the dog can't tell me what's wrong but delights in screaming with sudden pain at unexpected moments (the vet is equally confused about the cause of this), I can't afford to get the car fixed right now, the DVD player was substituted with a cheap but reasonably effective model, I feel like shite...


If you think you're gonna come steaming in here and start kicking me around, 2012, you better bleedin' think again...

Gonna get you, sucker, gonna get you good....


1 comment:

  1. Lesson learned ; never threaten a year. 2012 ended up raping and murdering me, then kicked my rotting corpse to hell and back. Sigh.