Friday, 8 April 2011

Music of the Spheres

Stars sing. I'll just say that again, in an attempt to get my own head around it. Stars. Sing. And I'm not referring to human 'stars'.

I was aware of this, I'm sure I've heard it before somewhere but paid little heed. Yet having just seen a news item on the subject and heard some recordings of different star songs I found I was startled, impressed and strangely moved by this phenomenon.

Of course they're not 'singing' as such, merely transmitting radio signals of different tones which can be used by astronomers to gauge their size, age etc. But - and indulge my strange imagination here - what if it isn't just us who can detect their songs? Nature and life being what it is, and our understanding of the universe being so small, what if there are vast, unimaginable forms drifting through the blackness of cold space, navigating by starsong? Collossal beasts with dimensions that would bugger our minds, interpreting a light-driven chorus of radiosonics as they drift and feed. Perhaps they even home in on the sad songs of dying stars and devour their cores, triggering their supernovea... Who knows....

I really must stop smoking this stuff.


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