Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Yeah, I used to live there. Strange but innocent times. Here is my blog entry from 26th June 1973 :

So, apparently, the Doctor allowed Timothy to come in my paddling pool. Obviously an event so traumatic that I've blotted it from my memory.

I was so excited by the Tomorrow People that I included an illustration of an action-packed alien attack from the episode I'd watched :

Why I am not now a celebrated artist is anyone's guess...



  1. I think it's a homicidal washing machine with black pointy bits...

    I will try and find a picture of the original monster and see how accurate my depiction was...

  2. Well I've searched the interweb high and low but no images or clips can be found - if anyone's got the episode The Medusa Strain from The Tomorrow People in 1973 I'd love to see a scan of the creature just to find out how close I was (all from memory remember, an 8 year old's memory - no home video in those days)

  3. Yeah, found it :

    16:00 and check out Dave Prowse as a silver android called, it seems, Colin. Hmm. I'm not sure an 8 year old in 2011 would be quite so excited by such apalling arse. My picture is actually quite flattering compared with the original effect...