Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dancing Queen

Saturday night.... I eschewed the usual group get-together in a fairly quiet pub for a chat and instead allowed myself to be persuaded to go to a very loud place and dance... Well, I say 'dance'...

I've always had two, in fact THREE left feet and scuttle around the dance floor flapping my arms like someone having a major convulsion, but the worst thing is I never know what to do with my face. I kind of start off grinning stupidly, then try and relax my features, become really self-conscious and end up closing my eyes with a strange serene expression as though I'm in some kind of trance. Consequently I end up trampling on people.

I am not popular on the dance floor. I need L plates or some kind of sign which says 'Unco-ordinated Twat'.

Hmmm... maybe I'll get a tee shirt made.

I fell over too. In a crowd. No-one helped me up.

I really should stay at home sometimes...


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